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Property Tax Information

Checks Made Payable to:

Town of Arlington

(Do not include the dog license in any property tax total. Please send a separate check.)

Mail Property Taxes to:

PO Box 96 Arlington, WI 53911

Questions: Town Clerk/Treasurer 608-575-5884

Payment in full:       On or before January 31 mailed to Town of Arlington
Installments:           First installment due on or before January 31, 2023 to Town of Arlington
AFTER January 31 payment MUST be sent directly to the:
Columbia County Treasurer
PO Box 198
Portage, WI 53901. 
(Payments sent to Town of Arlington will not be accepted)
Second installment DUE DIRECTLY to the Columbia County Treasurer by July 31



You can print off your receipt here: Columbia County Land Records



Note: In order to have your tax receipt, & any dog licenses returned to you, a self-addressed stamped envelope must be provided with your tax/dog license payment.


Payments may be made Online @ Point & Pay


Pay taxes by credit/debit card OR by electronic check through January 31.

Note: Point & Pay charges a 2.39% convenience fee for property tax payments on credit/debit cards. An E-Check is $1.50 for payments under $10,000 and $10.00 for payments over $10,000. The convenience fee covers the cost of processing the payment transaction.

1. Under “My Bills” enter your Parcel ID number Enter the amount you wish to pay

2. Complete “Cardholder Information” Complete “Payment Information” Click “Continue”

3. The total of your payment, including the appropriate fee Click on box (bottom left) “I agree to terms and conditions”

4. Click on “Submit Payment” (bottom right – appears after clicking “I agree to terms and conditions”) Obtain approval/authorization of the charge

5. You will then be provided with a confirmation number. Be sure to write down your confirmation number as a record of your payment. The charge will also appear on your credit card statement: the tax amount on one line, the convenience fee amount on a separate line.

This service is safe, reliable, and in accordance with all state and government regulations.

Note: If you prefer to meet in person to remit your tax payment, please contact the Town Clerk/Treasurer @ 608-575-5884 to schedule an appointment. No appointments December 24, 25, 31 or January 1. Checks or money order only.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Determines the Amount of Taxes I owe?

Each year, the tax rates adopted by each of the local taxing entities (town, school, county, etc…) are multiplied by the taxable value of the property (less any exemptions) as determined by the Town Assessor Gardiner Appraisal Service. This process determines the amount of local property taxes due for each property the Town of Arlington collects form. Tax statements are then generated and mailed by a third party vendor, MailCom in December.


What if I have questions or don’t agree with the value of my property?

Gardiner Appraisal Service sends out notices of appraised value usually around April to inform property owners if their property value for the upcoming tax year has changed over the previous year. Contact the assessor Gardiner Appraisal Service LLC at  888-756-9726 or with questions regarding assessment values.


If you disagree with this value, contact the Town Clerk to obtain the dates and times for the Board of Review and for the Board of Review Objection Forms and requirements. Clerk Email:


I want to: change a name, address, split a parcel or, I purchased a property and didn’t receive a tax bill.

Contact the Land Information Dept: 608-742-9616 or with questions about tax parcel descriptions, owner name(s), how it appears on the county’s interactive map site, parcel number(s), combining parcels, splitting parcels, change of address*, interactive mapping instructions and if you did or did not receive a tax bill after selling or buying property (lands are assessed and taxed as they sit on Jan 1 and bill will go to that owner). *Preferable that property owners do their own change of address through the Columbia County Ascent web portal.


What if I received a tax statement but I am no longer the owner? If this happens the taxpayer that received the tax bill, but is not the owner, can throw it away, mail it to new owner- if they have that info, or, call the Title Company that closed the loan with them and let them know they received the bill and then they will mail a copy out or contact the new owner.


Can I write one check if I’m paying more than one statement?

Absolutely, just make sure to include all of the stubs from the bottom part of the statements or provided the account numbers you are paying so that the payment can be applied correctly.


Does the Town Treasurer use the Post Office Cancellation Mark to determine the date of payment? Yes, if you mail your payment by regular first-class mail and it is properly addressed with postage prepaid, the post office cancellation mark is considered the date of payment. As long as the envelope has a Post Office cancellation mark of December 31 or January 31, payment will be posted to either December or January even though it may be received in January or February.


If property tax was not paid in full, how do I pay my second installment?

Any payment made after January 31 is to be mailed directly to the County Treasurer or paid online. **Second installment due to the County by July 31, 2021.

Mailing Address:

Columbia County Treasurer PO Box 198

Portage WI 53901

OR visit the Columbia County Ascent Land Records System to pay taxes online for 2nd installment and delinquent taxes.


**Late Payments or 2nd installments sent to Town of Arlington cannot be accepted and will be forwarded to the County.

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